• Local servers within Nepal
  • Lightning Fast connectivity
  • No need for international bandwidth
  • Dual Japanese continuous power gensets - each can run 84 hrs. non-stop
  • Ample diesel storage - capable of running 2 months combined with NEA power cuts
  • Earthquake of 7.8 did not shut down our DC or services/cloud
  • Managed services available


  • Local 24/7 Support
  • Web based ticketing system
  • Web based on-line Chat
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • Use remote support using Citrix GoToAssist for instant techinicians access & diagonistics
  • Premium Support available on request
  • How to guides and step-by-step instructions


  • Immediate provisioning - take minutes - Traditional models require 4-6 weeks to get a server up and running
  • Scale Up / Scale Down - based on your need - traditional models require you to procure hardware - bring down the server - upgrade - takes time - weeks.
  • Reliability - pooled resources (compute and storage)
  • Increased productivity by using Ucloud VD, block sites (Chat, Social media, Skype) and control web usage.


  • We are protected with the “best” multi-layer security appliance (Market leader 2015 “Gartner Magic Quadrant”), Most businesses do not invest in security appliances
  • Security is a shared burden, we will secure the datacenter and cloud, you need to secure your locations that connect to the cloud
  • Citrix backed enterprise support for cloud software and hypervisors
  • Implementation partner is a Citrix certified solution provider - who also provides support
Migrating to the cloud