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Customer Care

With a complete online solution for teamwork and relationship management, Ligon Tech has strong tools for customer service and support including any types of problem arises in system and application provided by us.

What We Do

Make Customer Communication Simple & Effective

We are great fans of effective and operative customer communication. Influential, integrated and accommodated, our products and services give you an unmatched power to communicate effectively with our customers through multiple channels. And the best part is: it's simple and just awesome.

We are Serious about Going beyond Customer Expectations

We care about each and every detail in your customer communication experience and endeavor to make things just perfect for you; no matter it's about the products, customer service or anything else.

We are Always Here for You

Obtainable service of 18 hours a day, multiple support channels, open and honest conversation. We are enthusiastic and devoted to provide you with the best service and support, wherever you are.

You Can Rely on Us

We employ industry-leading technology and infrastructure to deliver maximum security, reliability and performance capability for your business. We know how important it is to you.